If you think a sleeve is just a sleeve... you may be missing your MoJo...

Easter Sleeves

Our Easter theme sleeves are the perfect touch for your Easter service event!

Please select one of the preprinted sleeve designs shown here by using the options at the bottom of the page.

"Rejoice, He Is Risen" on Kraft"Rejoice, He Is Risen" on Kraft

"Rejoice, He Is Risen" on White"Rejoice, He Is Risen" on White

"Celebrate the Saviour" on Kraft"Celebrate the Saviour" on Kraft

"Celebrate the Saviour" on White"Celebrate the Saviour" on White

"Celebrate Easter" on Kraft"Celebrate Easter" on Kraft

"Celebrate Easter" on White"Celebrate Easter" on White

"Easter, The One Day..." on Kraft"Easter, The One Day..." on Kraft

"Easter, The One Day..." on White"Easter, The One Day..." on White