If you think a sleeve is just a sleeve... you may be missing your MoJo...

Sleeve Advertising Partner Profile

Please fill out the form below to provide information on a Sleeve Advertising Partner. Be sure to indicate whether you are providing this on behalf of a prospective advertiser who you would like to have advertise on the back of your sleeves, or whether you are an advertiser interested in having Coffee Sleeve MoJo match you with a business that uses our sleeves. This information is only used to serve your requests for our products and services and is not released to any other entity.

Advertiser Information

If you are an advertiser, please fill in your contact information here so that we may contact you. If you are a business or organization submitting this on behalf of an advertising partner you have already found, be sure and use your advertising partner's information here so that we can contact them.

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MoJo Match

If you are an advertiser with a sleeve partner (a business or organization that you will be advertising through) please indicate that and provide their contact information. If you are the sleeve partner and you are filling this our on behalf of your advertiser, be sure and provide your own information here.

Sleeve Information
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