If you think a sleeve is just a sleeve... you may be missing your MoJo...

Custom Cup Sleeves, MoJo Match Promotional

The least expensive option for a cafe owner or any business that needs hot or cold cup sleeves is our MoJo Match where we work with you to pair your business (using the front of the sleeve) with an advertiser (using the back).

However, if there is no advertiser currently available to use the back of your sleeve, this is the next best thing - a two sided sleeve with your logo/brand on the front and a customized MoJo Match awareness advertisement on the back. The advertisement targets local businesses and organizations in your area and promotes the opportunity to use your sleeve back as a way to reach local customers. These sleeves give you the same marketing power as our regular one-sided sleeves for $10.00 less with the MoJo Match promotional ad. Then, when an advertiser steps forward, you can take advantage of our amazing $39.95 sleeves!

We custom print your sleeves with your logo* on the front of the sleeve and then ship them directly to you.

Our sleeves are made from 100% recycled board and recycled post-consumer waste. They are pre-assembled and will fit most 12-20 ounce cups.

Sleeves are shipped in cases of 1000.

*Pricing includes logo/artwork placed on the sleeve front when the graphic is provided by the customer in the specified format. We are happy to provide artwork assistance for a small fee.