If you think a sleeve is just a sleeve... you may be missing your MoJo...

Our Mission - Your Source for Sleeves, Your Match Maker for Sleeve Advertising

Our mission is twofold: First, we provide a cost conscious and proven effective avenue for delivering your message to your own market - both current customers and potential customers - through our sleeve service. We help you put your brand image, logo, loyalty program, or other visual/verbal message on an item you already use: hot cup sleeves. We assist with selection of sleeves, refine or even produce a design, and walk you through the process putting you in control of each step through the end result. You can order as little as one case, but we can also respond to orders of millions of sleeves!

Second, we assist you in becoming an indispensable partner to other businesses in your local area or region by facilitating their ability to advertise through you - to your mutual customers and your mutual benefit! We work with you to find businesses that are interested in the same clients you are: by geographic location, demographic, choice preferences. We'll match you with them, keeping your costs even lower and providing the participating advertiser with the same effective delivery avenue. Are you a coffee cafe owner or do you sell coffee at your location? With more than 57% of adults drinking coffee daily, and 67% drinking it weekly, it's a good bet that your customers are many of the same people that other local businesses would like to reach. But because hot cup sleeve advertising isn't limited to the coffee business, our program gives any business, organization, or event serving hot drinks the chance to be the go-to point for area advertisers.