If you think a sleeve is just a sleeve... you may be missing your MoJo...

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We would be glad to send you samples of our sleeve, cup and lid products. Please use the following form to let us know what samples you would like to see and where to send them. Be sure and include your email address. Sleeves are sent promptly but if you would like express shipping please state that in the comments area of the form along with the nature of your business and anticipated sleeve usage.

Mailing Information

Please be sure to provide the City, State and Zip code. All are necessary to complete the request.

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Products Requested

These sleeves are printed with single case minimums, no set up charges and have very fast turnaround times. These sleeves can offer limited ink color choices and a defined print area on front and/or back the sleeve.

These sleeves are printed using high speed printing using printing plates. These sleeves offer very precise control of the sleeve design, greater color flexibility including full bleed art and offer a lower per case cost compared to digitally printed sleeves. These sleeves have higher minimums (54 cases) and also have one time set up charges to have the printing plates created.

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