If you think a sleeve is just a sleeve... you may be missing your MoJo...

High-Volume Printing Solutions

CSM offers Flexography printing for high-volume customers. This method offers the greatest amount of image control.

FLEXO at a glance

54 case minimum

lower per piece price

PMS color matching

advanced color control

Rolling plate printing

larger print area &
greater image precision

Flexography uses a rolling plate and prints sleeves prior to assembly. The advantages are precision printing with near photo quality, very good color control including PMS coloring, and lower per case costs for your sleeves. However, flexo print jobs require more lead time (~ 30 days) and a one time charge for plate production. If flexo printing may be right for you, we will work with you to tailor an overall solution to fit your business needs as we have with our many other flexo customers:
  • Warehousing option: Don't have room to store 54 cases of sleeves or cannot afford to pay for a full run up front? We can warehouse your print run and then ship and bill you for the sleeves as you use them. {link to example, Antigua}
  • Flexo front/Digital back: While our shorter run standard solution is great for printing small quantities of many different designs, a flexo run requires 54+ cases with an identical design. But we can mix a flexo front side with standard print backsides for customers who need the benefits of flexo printing for their primary message/design but still want the ability to vary a secondary design in smaller quantities (e.g. franchises). {link to example, State Farm}
  • Logistics support: We can print and drop ship to multiple locations rather than sending the entire print run to you for redistribution. {link to example, Virginia Lottery}
  • Custom solutions: We will work with you to meet any other specific needs in support of your sleeve campaign. {link to example, {Absolut Vodka}
Warehousing option

I want the quality and pricing of a flexo run but I do not want to pay all at once and I can't store a pallet of sleeves at my location.

You pay set up fee and buy as needed. We print the sleeves and ship as ordered.

Flexo-logistics option

I need portions of my order shipped to multiple locations and/or at different times.

We print and drop ship from our warehouse.

Flexo-digital combo option

I have several franchises with individual location information.

We print a single, multi-color design on one side of your sleeves using flexography and leave the back open for varying information that we print digitally as ordered.

Solutions tailored to your needs

I need a sleeve printed and packaged to my particular specifications.

You have a need unique to your situation. We have a solution for you.